• Aoraki Selections 250g*4
    French(Dark Roast Blend)250g, Ken's Choice(Medium Dark Roast Blend250g), 1960's (Medium Roast Blend)250g & Budapest (Light Roast Blend)250g
    NZ$ 72.00
    NZ$ 68.00
  • French Dark Roast Beans
    250g whole coffee beans
    NZ$ 14.00
  • French Dark Roast Plunger Grind
    250g Grounded Bean for Plunger, Espresso or Stovetop
    NZ$ 14.00
  • Ken's Choice Beans
    250g whole coffee beans

    Roast Master Ken's Original Recipe. This outstanding blend has won numerous awards for its complex yet balanced layers of floral fragrance, fruity acidity and sweet nutty flavours.
    NZ$ 15.00